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Which Roller Shades are Best for Interiors

The time has come for you to take your interior design into your own hands and get your home looking and feeling the way you want it to. Our experts at Barrington Draperies & Shutters are ready to help you do that. We want to help you elevate your interiors and have all the products to do just that. One of the most significant ways to immediately improve your home is by adding window treatments to your rooms, which is precisely what we specialize in. We can help enhance your interiors by adding various coverings to your windows which not only add style to your home but also come with multiple other benefits. Some of our highly requested products are our Hunter Douglas Roller Shades because they are easy to use and add immediate beauty to your interiors. We have seven options, each with impressive and unique benefits.

Hunter Douglas Designer Roller Shades solar shades window shades, window treatments near Barrington, Illinois (IL)

Designer Roller Shades

These roller shades are ideal for homes searching for a minimalistic aesthetic. The versatile design is suitable for all interiors because it complements any style. The clean design is everything you have been looking for, especially with over 350 fabric options. The exclusive fabric options are guaranteed to add beauty to your home.

Designer Solar Shades

The main reason that these roller shades are highly sought after is that they protect your interiors from the harsh rays of the sun. Many people don’t realize the damage that UV rays can cause, so it is essential to cover your windows and preserve your furniture, artwork, and flooring. Take your interiors into your own hands and protect your belongings.

Design Studio™ Roller Shades

For those who love design, these are the roller shades for you. They are made from exclusive designs and sumptuous fabrics. The unique collections are the most beautiful in the industry, so we are confident that you will love how they turn out. Tale your interiors to the next level with high-quality, beautiful window shades.

Designer Banded Shades

One of the unique aspects of these roller shades is the adjustable, layered sheer, and solid fabric bands. This design provides enhanced light and privacy control like you have never seen before. These are the shades for you if you are looking for a window treatment that adds a modern aesthetic to your home.

Sonnette® Roller Shades

The magic of these roller shades lies in the cellular construction. These air pockets are an insulating barrier between your interiors and the weather outsides, making your home more energy-efficient. This helps decrease your energy bills while also making your interiors more comfortable at all times of the year, so if you are trying to decide which roller shades are the best, these are a great option!

Alustra® Woven Textures® Roller Shades

We love these roller shades because they are made from all-natural materials and bring nature’s beauty to your interiors. There is no better way to add a warm, elegant style to your home than with woven wood shades.

Alustra® Architectural Roller Shades

Some homes have a high, modern vibe, and these roller shades are a great option if this sounds like you. The exclusive, textural fabrics are hard to beat and operate seamlessly within your beautiful home's walls!

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