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Choosing Window Coverings for Your Nursery

As you prepare for your bundle of joy’s arrival, the nursery takes center stage, and window treatments are important considerations. Nursery blinds or shades can make a big difference in the comfort of a room where you’ll spend a lot of time. Barrington Draperies and Shutters in Barrington, Illinois, has a wide range of Hunter Douglas blinds and shades that are perfect for your nursery.

Honeycomb shades in the nursery near Barrington, IL

Peace and Quiet with Nursery Blinds and Shades

Not only will window treatments make your nursery look complete, but they’re full of benefits. You can use them for light control, to enjoy the view, and to give yourself privacy. Blinds and shades will keep the toys, furniture, artwork, and rugs from fading with the sun’s UV light.

You’ll love these benefits:

  • Darkness leads to better sleep, while light can increase morning wake-ups and shorten daytime naps. This can reduce newborn confusion about days and nights, so you get better sleep.
  • As your baby gets older, you can keep the room darker to lengthen naps and trick your toddler into sleeping longer in the mornings.
  • Reduced glare on your screens so you can watch a show on a computer, TV, or phone while feeding and snuggling Baby.
  • A quieter, darker, and more comfortable rest when you fall asleep in your favorite chair, comforting your Little One, during the day or night.
  • Privacy from closed blinds and shades means no discomfort with the neighbors or their kids when you’re nursing at all hours.

Nursery Blinds and Shades to Consider

Even after your newborn gets their nights and days figured out, they usually wake up around the clock to eat for the first month or two. The darkness can help keep the room cozy and comfortable for both of you. Some shades offer extra insulation, which keeps the room a consistent, comfortable temperature, blocks outside sounds, and reduces your energy expenses.

For your nursery, shades and blinds should be as beautiful as they are functional. Consider the following selections:

  • Parkland® Wood Blinds: These wood blinds exude warmth and luxury. For extra light blocking, add the de-Light® system, which reduces cord holes.
  • EverWood® Faux Wood Blinds: These blinds mimic wood in appearance, but they are more durable and won’t warp, bend, or fade.
  • Duette® Honeycomb Shades: Amazing honeycomb cells provide extra insulation, which can reduce energy bills. With the LightLock® System, get blackout darkness. Choose from sheer, semi-sheer, or opaque fabrics in more than 150 colors.
  • Vignette Roman Shades: Modern shades with a Roman twist, these shades are crisp and clean, with beautiful folds. Select sheer, light-filtering, or room-darkening fabrics that also improve energy efficiency. Add the Duolite® or Top/Down-Button-Up systems.

Controlling Your Nursery Blinds and Shades

Hunter Douglas blinds and shades are safe for every room in your home. Retractable wands, cordless push/pull systems, and cordless loops prevent strangulation. Improve functionality with PowerView Automation, which uses a remote or phone app to adjust your window treatments. You can also create a schedule so they automatically open and shut.

Settle into parenthood with the nursery of your dreams. In addition to window treatments, Barrington Draperies and Shutters offers custom bedding and upholstery services, so you can even restore your grandma’s rocking chair for your nursery. Contact us today, and our friendly staff can answer your questions. We serve the northwest Chicago area, including Palatine and Kildeer.