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Warm Up your 3-Season Room for Winter in 4 Easy Steps

When winter rolls around, your 3-season room or sunroom can become a catch-all you only use when spring returns. In a few easy steps, you can change that. Warm up your 3-Season Room so you can use it all year long! At Barrington Draperies and Shutters, we can help you make your sunroom your family's favorite spot to spend time together all winter.

A cozy 3-season room in winter near Barrington, Illinois (IL)

1. Insulation and Heating

Most 3-Season Rooms don't have access to the HVAC system, so to make them practical for winter, you'll need some space heaters.

You also need to ensure the heat will stay inside your 3-season room. There may not be insulation in the ceiling, walls, and flooring. However, a professional insulation company can help you verify your insulation is in good condition and update or insulate it if it's not.

2. Check Your Window Treatments

Winter window fashions are just as crucial for your sunroom as they are for the rest of your house. They add insulation to the windows to keep the warm air in.

If your sunroom doesn't have window coverings yet, consider options that will still let you enjoy the view and look fantastic, like:

  • Duette® Cellular Shades: Available in over 150 combinations of colors and fabrics in various opacities. You can also add ClearView® Sheers to enhance your view. Winter or summer, cellular shades offer the most insulation for your windows.
  • Vignette® Modern Roman Shades: Inspired by the classic style, these shades insulate well. You can select from over 25 combinations of color and fabric, including sheer, light-filtering, and room-darkening fabrics.
  • Designer Screen Shades: These shades are the least insulating option, but they provide the best view. Their design uses fabrics that range from sheer to opaque in multiple colors.

Also, add draperies or curtains to frame your windows when they're open and for privacy and warmth when you close them.

3. Area Rugs

Before the space heater is on and warms up the room, those floors will be chilly! Adding warm area rugs can protect your toes. They also add color, texture, and a cozy feeling to your 3-season room. All of this can add a certain level of warmth. Choose textured materials, like wool or faux fur, for maximum warmth and benefit.

4. Blankets and Pillows

The coziness of blankets and pillows will make your sunroom or 3-season room look warmer, and if it's chilly, you can grab a blanket and sink into its warmth. Custom blankets and quilts can add color and warmth, and they look fabulous when thrown over a couch or chair for easy access. Throw pillows also often provide warmth and comfort.

Find Your Cozy 3-Season Room Today!

Warm up your 3-season Room this winter with help from Barrington Draperies and Shutters. Schedule a free consultation so we can show you our window treatment offerings, and you can pore through our fabrics for custom bedding. We also offer upholstery services. Our professional staff will gladly answer any questions. We proudly serve Barrington, Palatine, Kildeer, Illinois, and the Northwest Chicagoland area. Contact us today!