Why Motorized Blinds & Shades are Great for Homes

Why Motorized Blinds & Shades are Great for Homes in Palatine, Illinois (IL) like in bedrooms

In this article, Barrington Draperies & Shutters – with a showroom conveniently located in Barrington, Illinois (IL) – is here to tell you why motorized blinds and shades are great for homes in Palatine, IL. We proudly offer the full line of Hunter Douglas window treatments and operating systems, including PowerView® Motorization.

What if we told you that we had a simple solution that could make your life significantly easier with the push of a button? Although you may not realize it, your window treatments could actually be adding extra unnecessary stress to your life. Think about all of the times that you have to move in the middle of doing work to remove glare from your computer screen or you have to pause the new episode of your favorite show to close the blinds, or even when you were looking forward to sleeping in only to being woken up by sunlight peering in through your open window treatment. Lucky for you, Hunter Douglas has created a product that can alleviate all of these stresses. At Barrington Draperies & Shutters, we can help you see why motorized blinds and shades are great for homes in Palatine, IL.

The PowerView® Motorization System allows you to be in complete control over your window treatments. Your blinds and shades can adjust automatically at the push of a button from either a remote or another connected tool. There are many ways that you can actually position your window treatments to work for your home and your particular schedule. You can obviously position the window treatments on command if you would like them to be positioned a certain way in the moment. Similarly, you can create different scenes that are dependent upon time of day, time of the month, or even mood. These scenes could possibly be for mornings when you want to sleep in or mornings when you have to get up early for work. Once you create these scenes, which can be done on the PowerView® application, you can program them to your Pebble® remote and put them into action with the push of one button.

The Pebble® Remote is one of the many ways that you can control your operating system. This particular remote is meant to be a modern approach to a more traditional remote because of its ergonomic design and sleek shape. There are six different control options for you to create custom scenes and you can even choose from ten different colors for your Pebble® remote.

If you would like more specific control over your window treatments, you can download the PowerView® Motorization app that is available on a majority of smart devices. You can create custom scenes for your blinds and shades and even preset the times for when they should position themselves. If you prefer just one unit to control your window treatments, then the PowerView® Hub or the PowerView® Repeater are two good options for your home.

There are so many benefits to incorporating this operating system into your home. This intuitive system allows for multiple methods of control and can even work in coordination with Alexa devices and voice command. The PowerView® Motorization System won the 2018 Red Dot Design Award, which is incredibly renowned in the world of design, making it a perfect option for your home.

Don’t wait any longer to incorporate this system into your Palatine, IL home. Come see us at Barrington Draperies and Shutters to figure out how motorized blinds and shades could enhance your home. We have a showroom in Barrington, Illinois and serve the areas of the Northwest suburbs, including Palatine and Kildeer.