PowerView® Motorization is Perfect for Homes

PowerView® Motorization is Perfect for Homes Near Barrington, Illinois (IL) with Convenient Operating Through the App

Every day, our world is becoming more and more revolutionized by technology. Today, we are seeing new technology pop up in every aspect of daily life. There are so many more advancements than just smartphones, now. We have smart televisions, smart home devices, smart refrigerators, and more. Hunter Douglas came up with a way to keep up with this trend by designing the PowerView® Motorization system. Not only can out outfit your home with smart TVs and smart refrigerators, now you can install smart window treatments. These window treatments, ultimately, make your home more comfortable to live in, as well as making life easier. Read on to learn more about why PowerView Motorization is perfect for homes near Barrington, Illinois. 

You may be wondering how this works. Well, this system allows you to operate your window treatments with just the touch of a button. You have a variety of convenient options for operating the system, including the PowerView® Mobile App on your smartphone or tablet, as well as the Pebble® Control remote. You can even sync the system with your smart home devices, like Amazon Echo or Google Assistant. All of these options give you control of your window treatments in the palm of your hand. 

Additionally, this system gives you the ability to program different scenes to go into place throughout the day, even if you home. This is great in terms of making your home more energy-efficient and giving you the light control you need. 

This is also a great system because of the added security and safety it provides your home. Because of the ability to program in those scenes, when you aren’t home, your automated window treatments will open and close, giving the illusion that someone is home, when they really aren’t. It basically looks as if someone is inside, manually operating the window treatments. This illusion deters burglars from attempting to break into your home, compromising your family’s safety. 

Another great safety feature of this system is that there are no exposed, dangling cords. The cords that are typical with many types of window treatments can be incredibly hazardous for children, as well as pets. When you choose Hunter Douglas for your window treatment needs, you choose a company that looks for unique, innovative ways to provide your home with style, safety, and functionality. 

We are confident you will love the way that motorized blinds and shades transform your home. You will notice the ease it brings to your life almost immediately, not to mention the peace of mind it brings you in regard to the safety and security in your home.

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